Window Film.

Oswaldtwistle Glass have been a leading supplier/installer of Window Film since 1997. We offer a supply and installation service, and a full range of Window Film solutions. Our increasing range of innovative products means we are perfectly placed to help whatever your requirement.

Window Film can be used to combat a wide spectrum of Glass related issues, from Solar Film to protect you from excess heat and UV rays to Frosted Film to create a level of privacy between rooms, as well as indoor and outdoor spaces.

Each type of window film is available in ranges of finishes and grades to suit your requirements. To find out what type of window film will be best suited for you, contact us today.

Window Films

We supply a comprehensive range of window film, including:

Solar film

Avoid excessive heat and UV rays with Solar window film

Frosted film

If you would like to increase the privacy of a room without compromising on light, our frosted film is available in different colours and styles to suit your home or office.

Safety and security window film

With this film, should your glass be impacted, whether by accidental or deliberate force, the film will help hold the shards of glass together, reducing injury risk and further damage to your property.

Bomb blast protection window film

In the event of an explosion, this film prevents glass from shattering into lethal fragments.