Specialist Glazing Products

We supply and install a wide range of specialist glazing products with many applications within a domestic or commercial environment. Have a look here by clicking on the product names to see some of our products and specialist applications. If you would like any further information please contact us for a unique solution to suit your requirements.

Greater safety and security can be gained through the use of laminated glass. This glass will protect against accidental damage from falls or fire and security glass can even withstand deliberate attempts to breach or damage it.

Safety Glass

Even stronger than standard safety or security glass toughened Glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. This incredible strength to size and weight ratio opens up a world or new possibilities to architects and designers for new and elaborate uses of this type of glass.

Glass Stairs

Energy efficient glass or low-emissivity (low-E glass) has a special one way coating that reflects the heat from your home or office back inside rather than allowing it to escape through the windows and also allows heat energy from the sun to pass through to help heat your building for free. The use of low-E glass can benefit the environment by reducing the amount of heating required, which is of course also great at reducing your energy bills.

As the use of glass in construction grows more consideration has to be given to the heating effect that this can have to the inside of a building and the resulting energy costs from the increased need for air conditioning. Through the use of solar control glass this need can be reduced or removed completely, which is good for both the environment and building running costs.

Solar Control Glass

The super smooth surface of self cleaning glass actively encourages the natural elements to help clean the glass for you so you don’t have to. This type of glass also benefits from being super clear for increased visual appeal. Self cleaning glass can also be combined with other surface treatments such as solar protection for a truly versatile product.

Self Cleaning Glass

Fire safety glass meets current safety standards and is available in a range of tolerances to fire damage from 30 to 180 minutes. This remarkable glass enables architects to create designs with a feeling of open space whilst the spaces remain safe for those that use them.

Fire glass being tested with flames.

The use of tinted glass can protect a building’s occupants from the harmful and disruptive rays of the sun internally whilst creating an interesting design statement externally.

Tinted Glass

Classic design features of leaded lights and stained glass add greatly to the appeal of period buildings so it is a shame to allow them to fall into disrepair. Out skilled craftsmen are able to replace the glass and repair sections of leaded lights to restore them to their former glory. If you wish to retain the beauty of this architectural art form but gain some of the advantages of modern glazing we can encapsulate the leaded light for you.

In many period properties where preservation orders may be in place or simply a desire to retain the character of a property replacement of windows may not be allowed or wanted. By using secondary glazing internally the benefits of modern glazing such as increased insulation, and security can be obtained whilst retaining the external appearance.

Patterned glass is a great product when you would like to create some privacy whilst retaining the open feel and light that can be gained through the use of glass. Different patterns are available in various levels of pattern intensity rated 1 - 5 depending on the level of privacy that you wish to achieve. Patterned glass can also be used as a attractive design note.

Horticultural / Green House glass. is as its name suggested used for green houses and is the traditional choice for many gardeners. Although it has often been considered weak new toughened variants are available that can provide a similar strength to the alternative polycarbonate without the loss of transparency.

Picture glass with its anti reflective properties can be used not only in picture framing applications but also for display cabinets and screens in exhibition environments.